The story of LOST & FOUND began with a journey. We were longing for more creativity and passion in our professional lives, so we hit the road in search for inspiration. On the way we realized how much we love to travel. It sharpens our senses, makes our heart beat faster and releases an incredible energy. On the road we were always missing functional accessories which are essential while travelling. So we thought why not translate this feeling of wanderlust into a functional and at the same time beautiful accessory? This is how the idea of LOST & FOUND was born.

After quitting our jobs we packed our bags again. Our trip started in Florence at the origins of leather handcrafting. Paris, Milan and London followed and finally we ended up in Thailand. This is where our first prototypes were developed.

Since then all LOST & FOUND accessories are carefully hand made in Bangkok. Further destinations will follow. We cannot wait to pack our bags again.

Good companions are essential for life‘s daily adventures and travels around the world. They facilitate organizing personal items that we carry with us every day. However, they only become our favorite piece if they are not only functional but also beautiful. Combining the practical with the beautiful is our goal.

The combination of simple design, high quality materials and careful handicraft makes every LOST & FOUND accessory your unique and long-term companion.

LOST & FOUND accessories are designed in Switzerland by a team of four. Around a large table at our studio in Zurich, we discuss ideas, test, glue and sew prototypes. As soon as a product idea is perfected, our prototype goes to Thailand. Bangkok is the home town of the family business, that crafts our little companions carefully by hand. A close relationship to our Thai partners originated over the years and after numerous visits on-site.

When working with leather, a considerate use of resources and respect for the environment are essential. We source our leather from a family business run by the third generation. The tannery is located near Bangkok and processes European hides. All accessories are made of genuine calf leather with a cotton lining, altogether carefully chosen from local suppliers.

For the manufacturing of our accessories we only use high quality calf leather. Strict controls guarantee a constant premium quality.