LOST & FOUND accessories are made from genuine leather. As a natural product leather will always have irregularities. These are not a sign of imperfection but rather emphasize the uniqueness of every single product.

No matter how carefully you treat your leather accessories, a certain amount of wearing will occur from use and environmental conditions. Variations in color, textures and size may occur. In order to keep your new accessory in its initial state for as long as possible we have some practical advice on how to minize the fading:

–    avoid contact with wet surfaces
–    limit exposure to direct sunlight and avoid intense heat
–   do not use agressive cleaners 


Taking care of your leather favorites is essential for the longevity of the purchased product.  Don’t wait until the leather looks worn-out.

Our products are mainly made of semi-aniline leather. We have chosen this smooth leather, as it represents the best compromise between naturalness and everyday practicality. It is warm and soft to the touch as a natural leather, but not so sensitive to stains and liquids. A light pigmentation protects the surface without masking the natural grain.

 This leather is best cleaned with a damp cloth and treated with a light care lotion (less is more!). This provides care as well as protection.