lost&found accessories are made from genuine leather. As a natural product leather will always have irregularities. These are not a sign of imperfection but rather emphasize the uniqueness of every single product.

No matter how carefully you treat your leather accessories, a certain amount of wearing will occur from use and environmental conditions. Variations in color, textures and size may occur. In order to keep your new accessory in its initial state for as long as possible we have some practical advice on how to minize the fading:

–    avoid contact with wet surfaces
–    limit exposure to direct sunlight
–   avoid intense heat
–   do not use any chemical cleaners or cleaners containing grease
–   care for it regularly.


Taking care of your leather favorites is essential for the longevity of the purchased product.  Don’t wait until the leather looks worn-out.

Leathers with finishing:
You will recognize leathers with a finishing generally speaking thanks to their shiny surface. Finished leather products can be cleaned with a soft damp rag. Apply small quantities of a waxed-based care product afterwards to create a protective film at the surface.

Leathers without finishing:
Do not apply caring products on leathers without finishing and do not let the product get wet. To protect the sensitive surface and keep the leather in good condition for a longer time use a colorless waterproofer. Keep in mind that the waterproofer must be sprayed regularly as a mist to avoid stains. Before using a waterproofer read carefully the instructions on the packaging and test the product on an invisible spot of the accessory first.