We visited Edu's in Biel, a longtime friend of LOST & FOUND. Learn more about what inspires and drives Marc and his team in our second part of Friends of LOST & FOUND.

Edu's Coffee and Clothes in the charming old town of Biel

Who is Edu?

The short version: ’Edu’ is Berndeutsch for ‘noble’. Edu is also a friend, colleague, or an acquaintance. Someone who is welcoming, someone you're always happy to see and chat with. That's Edu's. That's why we decided to combine a coffee shop with clothing.



How did your combined-shop concept come about?

The passion for coffee and clothing has always been there for me. The risk was just combining it all under one roof.


Who can you meet in Edu's?

Children and babies mostly with their parents (sometimes with their godparents and grandparents), fishermen, cool teens, musicians, conscious buyers, bearded men, and market visitors. So basically just about everyone. Everyone is welcome here, that's what our mission statement is and always will be.


Your shop is in the old town of Biel. For you, what is so distinguishing about the Old Town?

The charm of a village in the city. Everyone knows each other. The ambience and the flair are unique, you will find a lot of passion in every corner.




What do you like about LOST & FOUND accessories products?

The balance of design, quality and functionality. They are very well thought-out yet beautiful products which have been a part of Edu’s for years




Schmiedengasse 8
2502 Biel/Bienne
Tel.: 032 322 00 70

Opening Hours

Monday: closed
Tuesday - Friday: 10:00–18:30
Saturday: 09:00–16:00

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