In Focus

Our spring-summer collection was brought to life by two remarkable women: Haneen, an extraordinary artist from Oman, and Juna, a talented photographer with Swiss roots and a deep connection with Oman. They captured the simplicity and style of our accessories in Muscat’s streets and surroundings.

Haneen’s Artistic Journey and Inspirations

Haneen's journey as an artist traces back to her childhood, where she found herself immersed in the world of art under the guidance of her mother. Drawing from these early experiences, she developed a profound passion for artistic expression, which continues to define her work today.

Her art can be best described as a harmonious blend of geometric abstraction and minimalism. Through clean lines and simple shapes, Haneen crafts pieces that evoke a sense of balance and tranquility. Themes of nature, music, and dance often serve as her muse, infusing her creations with depth and emotion.

Haneen sketching in her studio

My other half - 2 (2021)

Dance to your own rythm - 2 (2021)

For Haneen, each day presents an opportunity for artistic exploration. From sketching new ideas to delving into research, her process is as dynamic as it is fulfilling. Daily adventures and moments of introspection fuel her creativity, allowing her to channel fresh perspectives into her artwork.

One project that holds a special place in Haneen's heart is her exploration of graceful dresses worn by dancers. Inspired by their fluid movements, she translated the beauty of these shapes into her own unique artwork. She also loved working with installations, on the hunt for the perfect fabric to capture the essence and reflect the soul in the most perfect shape.


Haneen’s favorite from our Spring Summer collection: The Crossbody wallet in Cinnamon «It’s practical, stylish and designed perfectly to fit everything».

Capturing Moments: Juna's Path to Photography

Juna's journey into the world of photography is as diverse and captivating as the images she captures. After studying filmmaking and exploring the intricacies of screenwriting and directing, Juna felt compelled to delve deeper into the world of photography, seeking the freedom to create on her own terms.

Her connection with Oman runs deep, rooted in her mother's love for the country. Juna found herself drawn to the warmth of Omani hospitality and the vibrant culture that defines the region. In honoring her mother's legacy, Juna continues to forge a bond with Oman, finding solace in its beauty and the memories it holds.

Finding Beauty in Simplicity: Juna's Photographic Vision

Driven by a passion for simplicity, Juna's photographs speak volumes without the need for excessive editing or artificial perfection. Through her lens, she seeks to showcase the beauty that surrounds us with a focus on authenticity and natural light. In her quest for the perfect shot, she embraces spontaneity and improvisation, allowing each moment to unfold naturally.

In reflecting on our collaboration, Juna highlights the profound significance of capturing moments with her dear friend Haneen against the backdrop of Oman's enchanting landscapes. For Juna, people are the heartbeat of her photography. With a keen eye for authenticity, she strives to capture the raw essence of her subjects, celebrating their individuality and spirit.

Juna's favorite picture from the shoot «Haneen looks in the state of being lost in her thoughts but peaceful with the beautiful background».

Through this collaboration, we celebrate not only the power of women in art and business but also the beauty that emerges when creativity comes together. To learn more about Haneen and Juna visit their Instagram: